Q. My house drain is blocked, what do I do?

    A. Limit the use of water until the problem is repaired or correctly diagnosed by Just Blockages.

    Q. Why do I need to have a camera put down the drain?

    A. To accurately diagnose the source of the problem. It is recommended that the drain be inspected with our CCTV equipment.

    Q. What about tree roots and drains?

    A. At Just Blockages we have the specialised equipment to clear the roots from the drain.

    Q Where are you situated?

    A. In the North Western suburbs.

    Q. Do you service after hours?

    A. No.

    Q. What makes Just Blockages different from a general plumber?

    A. We carry specialised equipment to clear drains and our plumbers have the experience to locate, clear or repair your problem.

    Q. What kind of equipment do you use?

    A. The specialised equipment we use includes water jet machinery to clean the drains, CCTV to capture a visual record of your drain (when       required) and a drain locater.

    Q. What methods of payment do you use?

    A. We accept cash, EFT, Credit Card and Cheque.

    Q. Where do you service?

    A. We service the North Western region of Melbourne.


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